The Castle
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Well, Disneyland is still closed, but fortunately I’ve just unlocked a small treasure trove of photos to help us all through the withdrawals! Some of you might remember that I was commissioned a few years back to take some photos for a new Disneyland fan-site called Well, the website has since gone defunct — and with it, the exclusivity agreement I made for the photos. So those photos will now be trickling into my photo streams!

After mulling over which photo to post first, I decided to start with a bang and post the one landmark that will make anyone feel like they’re standing in the Happiest Place on Earth. I could call it by its full, proper name — Sleeping Beauty Castle — but to the majority of the world, and to the droves of people walking down Main Street USA for the first time and staring and pointing at it off in the distance, it is simply “The Castle.”

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