The Gods Have Been Angered

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I’ll admit I don’t often seize the opportunity to enjoy the Enchanted Tiki Room. In our present age of incredibly advanced audio-animatronics, it’s kind of like watching “The Rock-a-fire Explosion Goes Hawaiian.” But when I DO indulge in this bit of 60’s charm at the entrance to Adventureland, my FAVORITE part of the show comes right at the last leg of it, when angry gods summon heavy rain to drape over the enchanted room. Disney does some amazing simulated rain in its parks, and while the Portrait Hallway in the Haunted Mansion utilizes the unsettling feeling of an outside rain storm to great effect, the Tiki Room always becomes the coziest, most intimate space in all of Disneyland for the few short moments that its guests experience being huddled together in that hut during the rain.

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