Ye Olde Heraldry Shoppe

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When the Tower of Terror glowed away last week, the occasion was far from unnoticed, and the beloved attraction was given a sendoff worthy of any E-Ticket in history. But another long-time Disneyland resident departed yesterday with hardly a fraction of the attention: The Castle Heraldry Shoppe. In this little corner of Fantasyland just past the castle gate, visitors could look up the history of their family name, order merchandise sporting their family crest, and, most awesomely, buy actual SWORDS! Not a foam pirate sword from New Orleans Square! A SWORD! Beat that, Tower of Terror!

Rumor has it that the space is slated to become an expanded queue for Peter Pan’s Flight next door. Given Disney’s history of paying tribute to past attractions that their new ones replace, we can only hope to see a sword or two in the new Peter Pan queue. Godspeed, Castle Heraldry Shoppe!

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